Why Facebook Audience Insights is Important for Your Business

The Facebook Audience Insights is an ideal tool to assist those who wish to boost their page on Facebook and be more successful with the strategy on the social network.

It is essential for any Facebook user who wants to be entrepreneurial to know which audience they want to reach with their strategy.

Defining the audience the right way may not be such an easy task. At such times, analytical data, graphs and statistics are saviors of the motherland.

And Facebook Insights helps with just that: it’s a great platform that can greatly help you be more successful on Facebook and perform much better.

To help you, we at Conversion, the digital marketing agency, decided to write this post.

Here you will learn more about what Facebook Audience Insights is, how it works, how important it is, and how you can use it yourself in a didactic way.

What is Facebook Audience Insights?

The Audience Insights is a Facebook platform that provides an activity log of users on the network for those who have a page.

In it, you can view graphs, statistics and analysis of all the different audiences that are present on Facebook.

We can view everything from interests and demographics to additional and more personal information, such as relationships and events.

It’s a free tool and through it you can create many different audiences for your page according to your goals on the web.

It gives very good targeting for creating ads and running them on Facebook.

But why insights ?

Insights means seeing things more clearly, having ideas or discernment. The word is related to information that you find very useful and important.

And Audience Insights helps you with just that. Through it, you can gain insight into your audience and how you can improve your overall strategy. After all, without the public, our strategies would all be in vain.

Why is Facebook Audience Insights important?

When you intend to make any kind of communication, knowing your audience is essential.

Type of approach, manner of speaking, didactics, visuals, other aspects of communication… All depend on what is most appropriate for the public we aim to achieve with communication.

This applies to ads and Facebook posts as well. It is essential that you know how to spark the interest of your audience to make your page successful on the web.

One page of a store that sells skater’s clothing, for example, can’t take a very formal approach – it pushes the brand away from the public and doesn’t produce good sales results.

Audiences need to identify with your brand to create a deeper connection with potential customers, making conversion easier.

With Facebook Insights, you can gain access to your audience behavior and several important features that help you understand them better and communicate more effectively.

Your posts on the net may have more engagement and great results because they are geared to your specific audience.

Learn now how Audience Insights works and how to use it simply.

Facebook Audience Insights Features

First of all: you must have a Facebook page to create an audience for it.

Facebook Audience Insights audience reviews are based on the behavior of people on the network and the information provided by users themselves.

Here you can create one or more audiences for your page based on demographics, interests, behaviors, and other characteristics.

After creating your audience, the tool will provide analytical comparisons between the selected audience and Facebook users or between followers of your own page.

This way you can define if you are reaching the right audience for your business and what are the unique features of your audience.

The information he offers about the public is divided into four:Demographics, Interests & Compartment Facebook Insights

Demographics: In demographics, we can find comparisons of age, gender, relationship (single, serious relationship, etc.), educational level, and job title. This compared to users of Facebook or your page.

Page likes : Likes relate to the interest of the selected audience, ie the pages they like and interact with that may be potential competitors.

Location: Location shows where your audience is most present compared to everyone on Facebook or your page.Location Facebook Insights

Activity: In the activity, we can see which interactions the selected audience makes the most, such as liking, sharing or commenting on content, and from which devices they access Facebook (mobile, desktop, tablet, etc.).Facebook Insights Activity

In audience creation, you can enter information from:

  • LocationLocation Facebook Insights
  • Age and gender
  • InterestsAudience Interest Facebook Insights

Page: If you want to compare the selected audience with that of a particular page of yours. If you leave it blank, the comparison will be made with Facebook users themselves in general.

Work: Some specific job position of people you want to reach with your strategy.Advanced Facebook Insights

There is other information as well, such as events, which are more specific. Choose the ones that make the most sense for your ideal audience.Define Your Audience Facebook Audience Insights

You can save the audiences you already created and edit them later (as many as you like).

So test fearlessly to find your ideal persona more efficiently.

Learn now how to use Facebook Audience Insights in practice!

How to use Facebook Insights step by step

Upon entering it, choose to take a tour to know the platform better.Facebook Insights Introduction

To create your audience, enter the information in the window on the left side of the page where it says create audience.

Navigate between the windows above the graphs to view the information you want.

To save an audience, click Save at the top of the screen.Save Your Facebook Insights Audience

Click open at the top of the screen to select an audience you save.

To create a new audience, simply click create new, also at the top of the screen.Choose Audience Insights from Facebook Audience

Simple, isn’t it?

With practice, you get a better understanding of the tool and can have many benefits for your page.

Remember that it is the clients who should serve as guides for your entire strategy. If you apply this business philosophy, you will have much better results and incredible performance in the digital world.

It’s important that you also explore other Facebook features, such as the ad manager, which also boost your page on the social network.