How to Take 360 photos on Facebook

The 360 photos are dynamic, fun and very interesting. It is a feature that has been gaining space between people and users of social networks.

A 360 photo can be a great choice for your communication strategy as it is attractive and arouses curiosity in the audience.

We can already use it on Facebook, the feed and the cover photo itself.

And the best?

Taking a 360 photo is simple!

In this post, you’ll learn what a 360 photo is, how to take that type of photo, and how to post 360 photo on Facebook step by step.

What is a 360 photo?

A 360 photo is an image that shows the entire environment in which the photographer is in 360 degrees.

The great advantage of photo 360 is the interactivity that the user has with the photo.

To see more of the image, the user can drag their finger on the photo, or move the phone itself and view other angles of view of the image.

Photo 360 allows users to get a closer idea of ​​some places and interact with the images.

They are great for viewing streets, shops, landscapes and sights in a more complete way, giving more value to places.

But, after all, how to take a 360 photo ?

360 Photo Shooting: Two Great, Convenient Apps

To take a 360 picture, you can use the phone’s own camera in the pan function. Simply move the phone 360 ​​slowly to capture the environment.

Or, if yours doesn’t have this functionality, you can use apps built for it.

The applications are very simple to use and do not require much time.

We highlight two that we think are great for taking 360 photos; are they:

  • Cardboard
  • 360 panorama

These apps are very intuitive and easy to use, and great for taking good panoramas.

How to post 360 photo on Facebook?

Take the panoramic photo from your phone or apps and save to your gallery How to take 360 ​​photo

  • Log in to Facebook
  • On your page or profile, click to add a post.Post photo 360
  • Click photos / videos Posting photo 360
  • Select your gallery overview
  • Wait while Facebook adapts your photo to 360 format
  • Click publish and you’re done! Your 360 photo will be posted.
  • Photo 360 on Facebook
  • To post 360 photo to Facebook cover, simply edit the profile and select the panorama of your files.

As you can see, there is no secret to posting 360 photo. It is an easy to use feature and a lot of fun.

You can use it to complement your social media communication strategies and get more engagement on Facebook.