7 Tips on Creating The Perfect Facebook Cover Photo

The Facebook cover is a very important element for your page to have more recognition and engagement.

Many ignore the importance of the cover of their page, or simply do not know that a good cover can make a difference.

That’s because it’s an element that seems simple and users don’t pay much attention, but that’s not true.

It is essential that your brand has a Facebook page for more digital presence and better results for the company.

And to have a differential in such a recognized network, the smallest details matter.

A cover page can make a difference to the success and identity of your page.

With that in mind, we decided to write this post to help you make a successful Facebook cover.

You’ll learn 7 tips for optimizing your covers and having a prettier page on the net.

1. Edit your Facebook cover photos

The Facebook cover photos you use should be optimized for better image quality.

There are several free apps like Snapseed that you find for photo editing.

Here you can change some elements of your Facebook cover images and get great results.

Applications are generally quite intuitive and require no further photography experience, just a few photo retouching to increase their quality.

2. Dynamic formats are interesting.

There are several formats you can choose to cover your page like carousel, video, photo 360 and classic.

A very interesting format is the 360 ​​photo.

360 photos are photos you can view as you move your phone.

They are very interesting and can attract users’ attention and value your page more.

Learn how to insert them on your cover in this post.

Video formats are also interesting for introducing your page and informing the user better.

However, be careful not to have too much visual pollution or too heavy videos that detract from your followers’ experience.

3. Follow Facebook Insights

Facebook offers a variety of analytical and metric data for pages on the platform.

Through graphics and analytics, you can gain a wealth of insights into your audience’s content preferences and make appropriate and relevant covers for them.

Facebook targets your audience very efficiently and you can follow the results of your posts in a practical way.

One way to track your cover performance and post it to your feed is also to check the results on Facebook insights.

4. Facebook Cover Size

This is critical if your photo is not out of frame or of poor quality.

The dimensions of the cover for Facebook must match those required by the platform; are they:

  • 820 x 312 on computers
  • 640×360 for phones
  • Minimum size must be 400 pixels wide and 150 pixels high

Facebook’s recommendation is that you use bottomless images (PNG) to get better results compared to the branding logo.

5. Have branding

Branding is important for any strategy in the digital environment.

You should always expose the hallmarks of your brand on all images and photos so users can associate your posts with the brand.

And the Facebook cover is not out of it.

It is important that it also contains the essential elements for brand identification, such as color palette, logo and icons.

6. Remember to have a cover that fits the Facebook guidelines.

You should also remember the rules you agreed to follow when creating your Facebook page.

These are basic guidelines such as not publishing content that is false or inappropriate to the platform.

7. Follow some creative line

The creative line is nothing more than the style you use in a communication strategy.

It is important that your brand follows a similar approach throughout communication, so that the message conveyed is more easily adapted.

In addition, following the same creative line allows for more uniformity and efficiency in strategy, helping to build a visual identity for your brand as well.

Nonsense, narrative, humorous, testimonial, informative, in short, there are several styles that you can adopt for your cover.

Choose the one you believe best fits your brand identity and persona.

As you can see, making a successful cover for your Facebook page is not as simple as it sounds.

But with these tips, you can create more attractive and collaborative covers to build a fuller web page.