6 Apps To Improve Your Business Instagram Page

I believe you agree with me when I say that a well-produced post is essential to increasing your Instagram engagement.

Attractive and well-structured content always has better results on social networks, after all, users like to consume quality content.

But, after all, how to make a post for Instagram ?

There is a very easy way to create posts for Instagram, which is by using your own apps and tools.

In this article, you’ll learn about the top six apps to help you create engaging, engaging content.

1. Canva

Canva is a very good authoring application that offers post templates for various social networks and other content formats.

Just choose the image format you want and use creativity to edit.

It is available for Android and iOS and can be used on your computer.

You can add frames, text, ready-made images and graphics, and you can edit various aspects of the post.

Canva is a great platform for those just starting out and not having many ideas, as well as being practical and very intuitive.

2. Inshot

Inshot is great for creating posts for Instagram Stories. To use it, simply upload your photos or videos to the platform and edit.

You can add various elements such as filters, soundtrack, stickers, text and many other aspects to improve the quality of your posts.

He is very good at making his posts beautiful and attractive.

3. Hype Type

Hype Type, or simply Hype Text, is geared toward Instagram text.

There are several customization possibilities that you can apply to your texts through this application.

There are subtitles templates, animated texts and various fonts and colors for you to use and have fun. It is also possible to add music and edit the display time of texts, among other features.

4. BeFunky

This application is more focused on image editing. Here you can change brightness, sharpness, shadows, saturation, and various other elements of images to make them look better.

The platform is very intuitive and you will have no problem using it.

5. Legend

Legend is a very intuitive and great platform for editing Instagram videos and images.

Through it you can create text-only content or upload photos and videos.

It is available for both Android and iOS and has many features for creating beautiful posts.

6. Social Network Post Creator

Social Media Post Creator, as its name implies, is an application aimed at assisting in creating posts.

It has some templates and several features to make your posts more beautiful, worth checking out.

Extra: Iconfinder

Iconfinder is the only paid one on the list, but it is worth mentioning as it is a great site to find icons to put in your posts. You can find all kinds of icons on this site.

Icons are excellent visuals for more compelling and illustrative posts.

They are bottomless images of specific things that mean something, like an emoji icon, and have great interactive value, which can drive more engagement with your posts.

Check out some successful Instagram blog ideas now.

5 Fantastic Instagram Post Ideas

1. Explore Stories Features

Stories is a feature that generates many interactions on Instagram. He is very dynamic and fun.

You can use his stickers to do polls and surveys, for example, all interactively with the public, increasing your engagement and reach on the network.

2. Talk about current curiosities and topics

Curiosity content that is related to your brand is great for attracting the attention of users on the network and have a differential.

Also, talk about topics that the audience is sharing and talking more, they usually generate more engagement due to the current.

3. Use landscapes

No one can resist a beautiful landscape. They are great for attracting more people to your profile and getting more likes.

You should use them according to the context of your Instagram profile and your strategy.

4. Do infographics

Infographics are content consumed by users and also generate a lot of interactions.

They help to better exemplify certain situations and you can use them to advertise your product or service in an illustrative and intuitive way.

5. Humor is also important

Of course you shouldn’t overdo it, but humor is important too. Depending on the branding of your brand and the profile of your followers, humor can be very responsive.

Instagram is the social network of creativity and innovation, portano, innovate!

With the apps cited in this post, you can structure great posts simply.

There are several other ideas for successful Instagram posts. It is important that you always make original content and try to exploit all the features the network offers to have a complete strategy.