Google Announces New “Core Update”

Last Sunday, June 2, Google announced through Twitter that it would release a new general update on Monday, June 3, called “The June 2019 core update.”

This is an unusual action as it is the first time Google has previously announced an update on its platform.

And now?

It is likely that this update did not add new site ranking rules.

In general, these updates only seek to improve the efficiency of Google’s algorithm in delivering more relevant content to users.

So don’t worry about changing too many elements of your site in a hurry, there isn’t much evidence that this will have any positive effect on ranking.

This information is based on an old Google post from 2018, in which the company announces that:

“Sometimes we make broad changes to our algorithm. We report on them because they are not intended to fix anything in particular in the algorithm, so content owners don’t try to erroneously alter things that aren’t problems.”