Google Algorithm Update Aims to Diversify Search Results

Google announced that it has updated its platform to deliver more diverse results to users.

For some time now, users of the platform have been complaining about some search results, showing 3, 4 or even 5 results belonging to the same domain, which are presented in the top 10.

This made it difficult for other sites – also relevant – to rank well in some results, as well as undermine users’ own experience, which may have a preference for pages from different domains to see more from one point of view.

According to the Google announcement:

“The new change now made to Google Search is designed to provide more site diversity in our results.”

He even said:

“This change in diversity means that you generally won’t see more than two topics from the same site in our top 10 results.”

But this is not a rule for all search results, Google still added:

“However, we will still present more than two in special cases, which our system believes to be relevant to a particular research.”

Tweets from Google

In this case, the company may be referring to brand searches, where showing more than two results for the same site would be natural.

They further added that subdomains will be treated as part of the main domain and therefore can be considered as the same site in the diversity of sites.

Subdomains and Domains

“Web site diversity will generally treat subdomains as part of the main domain. In other words, in search results, subdomains and the primary domain will be considered from the same site. ”

Google will only consider a different subdomain than a domain when it thinks it’s relevant.

Danny Sullivan from Google added on Twitter:

“It’s about the top results, not several other formats in search results”

That is, this update is valid for the main results, not counting video snippets, image carousel, and other result formats.

Google has made sure to state that this update and the “June 2019 Core Update” update are unrelated and two different things.

Google Tweets

“Finally, the launch of site diversity is separate from the June 2019 Core Update, which began this week. It’s two different releases and no relation ”

The Google updates are constant, and he has conducted numerous over the years. Some that even go unnoticed.

This update may impact sites that target the domain over the top 10 results for a given search.

If you have two pages from the same site in the same search result, it is important that you track the performance of these pages to analyze the changes this update may bring.