How to Make a Mosaic for Instagram on Your Profile

The mosaic to Instagram is one of the ways you can use to organize your feed and make it more beautiful.

The effect of using this feature is more harmony in posts and an organized feed.

With Instagram on the rise, it’s important to have an organized profile, whether it’s for brand strategies or network advertising.

But after all, what is mosaic for Instagram?

What is a Mosaic for Instagram?

The Instagram tile is nothing more than a set of photos posted in a predefined order that initially does not seem to make sense, but when you visit the profile you can see that it forms an image in the feed.

Users use the mosaic to make their profile more beautiful and attractive on Instagram and to organize their Instagram feed.

The walkthrough is exemplified in the free Photo Grid For Instagram app available for Android.

There are several other free apps where you can edit. All are similar and intuitive and therefore easy to use.

Check out the walkthrough below:

  • Access Photo Grid For Instagram.
  • Log in with your own Instagram account.
  • Upload a photo from the gallery or take a new photo.Instagram Mosaic App
  • Set the dimensions of the photo you want to use for posting.Instagram Mosaic Dimensions
  • To remove the watermark, just tap the app option and watch a few seconds advertising video.
  • You can save the now cropped images in the gallery, or post them directly through the app.Instagram Mosaic Post

Images will be posted / saved in the correct order so that the mosaic is right in the feed.

If you follow the walk-through above, you’ll be able to mosaic your Instagram feed simply, conveniently and quickly.