How to use SEO for your E-commerce Business

The operation of a SEO consultancy is one of the most common doubts in digital marketing, especially by managers who see the need to leverage their organic channel and, consequently, their digital transformation.

In addition, good SEO Consulting  avoids punishments by Google , which have become more frequent with algorithm updates.

Want to know how an SEO consultancy works? Then read this article made especially for you.

What is an SEO Consulting?

SEO Consulting is the term by which the market generally refers to providing website optimization services for search engines (SEO) .

Although the term Consulting refers to a purely consultative activity, that is, without “hands on”, many service providers will both audit, plan and execute.

A major pain in the market is the lack of execution of the proposed strategies, after all not the whole company holds all the skills required to perform SEO – but in all cases this is not how you will see.

How is an SEO Consulting done?

The scope of a consultancy will vary depending on a number of factors, ranging from time of account, budget and prioritization.

Here at Conversion, our SEO services include all auditing, planning and execution, covering the following fronts, which we believe are ideal for a complete consultancy:

  • Market Analysis and Competitors
  • Technical Analysis and Audit
  • Performance Analysis
  • Strategic planning
  • Implementation of Technical Improvements
  • Content Creation
  • Link building
  • Performance Management & Business Intelligence
  • User Experience

Also, not necessarily all steps will be performed at all times; We believe that more results are obtained by prioritizing the actions that will be most efficient.

Now that you understand what she does, understand if you really need a consult.

Does your company really need an SEO consultancy?

In our experience, not all companies that believe they need an SEO consultancy do.

While SEO generates highly qualified unpaid traffic, SEO is the result of a series of actions focused on user experience and search engines.

These actions involve significant investments, so SEO can be limiting for micro and small businesses, especially if outsourced.

(If this is your case, we recommend that you start your SEO yourself; we even  offer this free SEO course. )

On the other hand, midsize and large companies get a lot of SEO results from both traffic and brand authority.

Understand the Role of Organic Search in Your Sales Funnel

To hire an SEO consultancy, it is important for companies to know exactly what the role of organic traffic is in their strategy or to benchmark to identify how their competitors have acted.

This point is very important because the digital sales funnel is becoming increasingly complex and it is important to know the role of each media within it.

In some cases, organic search will be the conversion medium; in others it will generate awareness and consideration. It is therefore important to have sales funnel planning.

It is with this macro planning of digital marketing that each channel, including organic, will deliver the best performance.

How to choose your SEO consultancy?

Once you, as a marketing manager, understand that organic traffic is critical to your business, it’s time to choose an SEO consultant.

But how to do?

Here is the quote from Kotler, the father of modern marketing:

“Organizations need creativity to find partners that can complement their strengths and compensate for their weaknesses.” (Philip Kotler, marketing guru)

With that in mind, you can consider three main aspects:

Top 3 Points to Evaluate in an SEO Consulting

1. Agency Experience, Structure, and Cases:  If you are looking for the best SEO professionals, you need to map out the biggest SEO agencies, check the brands they serve, their size (larger agencies are often validated by other clients), and of course , her success stories.

2. Execution:  According to our understanding, execution is crucial to SEO success, as well as strategy; We believe that the best execution will count on professionals specialized in each of the fronts: planning, others in technical, others in content and others in link building.

2. Cost x Benefit: On all fronts involving SEO, you will need to assess cost x benefit. Of course, an agency that offers all the structure necessary for execution may also have a higher cost as well as higher added value.

What is the ideal scope of an SEO project?

The scope for SEO, as well as the investment of an SEO project, are extremely common questions.

However, there is no specific and standardized cost for SEO services, because SEO efforts will vary from market to market, from strategy to strategy, from budget to budget.

In this sense, the best way is to start from a budget, understand the scope that can be delivered, and how much is enough to achieve your goals.

To give you an idea, the costs of a project will vary, basically, according to the following variables:

  • Amount of content produced
  • Link Building Efforts
  • Technical hours of professionals involved


As you can see, there is no SEO consulting scope standard in the market, but generally the following competencies are covered:

  • Market Analysis and Competitors
  • Technical Analysis and Audit
  • Performance Analysis
  • Strategic planning
  • Implementation of Technical Improvements
  • Content Creation
  • Link building
  • Performance Management & Business Intelligence

To choose the best partner and scope for your business, evaluate the partner who will be responsible for the delivery, your budget, and the skills above, which will add the most to your business.