How To Promote Your Online Store? Learn The Best Way


Knowing how to advertise your online store is necessary, whatever your business, to achieve your goals efficiently.

All your e-commerce efforts will be in vain if you do not learn to market it and make it recognized in the marketplace .

But advertising a web store is not such a simple activity. Several factors need to be considered when designing an effective disclosure strategy.

Thinking about it, we decided to write this post, to help you spread your e-commerce successfully.

You will learn how to advertise your online store, some advertising strategies and give some tips to optimize the promotion of your e-commerce.

How to efficiently advertise your e-commerce

The first factor you should consider before you start publicizing is your persona.

It’s important that you know which channels she interacts with most and what types of content she prefers.

Also, understand the context in which your persona is inserted to help you solve your problems and questions, making a good impression of your business.

Another very important thing to know is that the way companies do marketing has changed a lot with digital marketing.

The strategy of the moment is inbound marketing.

This strategy is to apply attraction marketing by producing relevant content for your business audience.

This way your e-commerce can reach potential customers more efficiently, meaning only those who are interested in what you offer.

Applying this strategy prevents your online store from becoming unwanted and inconvenient.

Where to advertise your e-commerce?

There are several platforms where you can promote your e-commerce, and each one has its own characteristics and features.

To be really present in the market, it is important that you promote your e-commerce in several of them.

In all, your brand must follow the same approach. So create an identity for her.

This helps to build a good image of your brand and have unity in your promotion strategies.

In addition, using omnichannel strategies for your online store can bring many benefits and provide the best user experience.

It is the union between all the channels in which your company is present and aims to structure each one of them, so that users can make the purchase process in each one of them.

This way they have a good experience with speed and practicality in the activities.

But remember to prefer media in which your audience is most active and most likely to recognize you and interact with your brand posts.

Let’s now go to the main channels where you can promote your online store. Check out!


With the explosion of content marketing , blogs started to be very successful, and e-commerce of all kinds joined them as well.

Through them, you can have a strong presence in search engines like Google, where your audience is certainly present and search for products and services of all kinds.

For this, you need to produce content relevant to your persona and containing the most searched keywords related to the theme.

All without having to spend on ads and sponsorships.

Social networks

In social networks , you can also apply content marketing by creating posts that generate interactions and viralize among your target audience.

In addition, social networks can also serve ads through the tools offered by the platforms themselves.

These are complete tools with very wide targeting , increasing the efficiency and reach of your campaigns.

Sponsored links

The sponsored links can be served by their own Google ads platform .

Through it, you can manage your campaigns and promote them across two networks: display and search .

Display ads consist of ads on other sites and applications linked to Google Adsense.

Search ads appear in search results and take precedence over organic results.

E-mail marketing

Do not think that emails are already outdated. Most internet users still use it and it is possible to generate many leads with emails.

Emails are private messages, so they can take a more personalized approach to each lead.

This allows the brand to build deeper relationships with its customers by applying a remarketing strategy to build customer loyalty and make them brand promoters.

3 practical tips for successfully promoting your online store

Check out three practices you can use to promote your e-commerce to optimize your strategy and significantly increase your performance.

They are efficient and can bring great results to your online store.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is an essential digital marketing strategy to increase the performance of your e-commerce.

It consists of all optimizations on websites and blogs that aim to improve their positioning in the organic results of search engines like Google.

In general, when someone wants to buy men’s sneakers, for example, they search Google for that word.

When you search, Google’s algorithm gives this person the related sites that you find most relevant so they can find what they’re looking for.

For this, the algorithm considers several factors as authority of your site: backlinks , keywords and experiences that other users have on your page, such as time spent.

SEO professionals are challenged to identify ranking factors for websites and make any necessary changes and optimizations.

That way, e-commerce sites, for example, might be well positioned in the results for your online store’s business-related terms.


The remarketing is to promote their products and services to those who have done business on your e-commerce.

Doing so allows you to build a deeper relationship with your customers and significantly increases their chances of having your brand preference in future purchases.

And if your customer experience with your brand has been very good, they can become promoters of your brand by marketing individually in a natural way.

Invest In Influencers

Digital influencers are public figures who exert great influence on the behavior of social groups .

Those who follow influencers and accompany them often tend to see them as examples of lifestyle, fashion, and various other factors.

If an influencer indicates a product, people are much more likely to accept and trust it than your brand.

For this reason, in your outreach strategies, consider partnering with influencers to get better results and improve your brand image .

Tip: Remember to choose the one that most closely resembles your persona to reach the right audience who is really interested in what your online store offers.

How to promote your online store? Learn the best wayNow that you know the top advertising channels for e-commerce and the most effective strategies, it’s important that you know some ad serving tools and promotion strategies in depth.