Photos For Online Store: With Taking The Best And Most Attractive


Online store photos are essential to the success of any business.

They make the first impression on users and directly influence consumers’ buying decisions.

Taking the best photos is very important for your e-commerce to have good results and increase conversions.

Product photos are one of the first things we evaluate before buying them.

A poor quality photo impairs content viewing, so we easily give up on buying it.

In this article, you’ll learn some tips on taking photos for e-commerce, increasing your conversion rate and your online store performance.

The Importance of Photos for an Online Store

One of the biggest fears of online consumers is that they are unable to interact with or have any contact with the product.

This makes them insecure when buying something because it is based on the quality of the image to decide to buy.

Since it is not possible to try the product or have a sample, the consumer will be guided by the best dissemination of it.

That’s why you should give users confidence with your photos so that they have such a good experience that they get a preference for your products, exactly because they were advertised the right way.

In addition to the features of the photo itself, you should remember to consider aspects that complement the photo, such as product description, different colors, and technical detail.

Tips for Taking the Best Ecommerce Photos

Use the light to your advantage

Nowadays there are several light emitting equipment created strictly for the best pictures.

However, as many photographers know, nothing beats natural light . With it, you can take amazing pictures without comparison.

Therefore, try to use natural light to photograph your products. It enables sharper photos and we can see the photographed object in more detail.

However, you should consider the optimal times for taking pictures in natural light.

The early morning and late afternoon are the best times, where the light is more balanced.

The scenario is very important

Avoid environments with many elements and visual pollution , as this may divert the attention of the viewer to elements other than the product.

Look for an environment to get the cleanest picture possible where your product is featured.

If necessary, blur the background to highlight the product.

You can use an infinite background too, very common in e-commerce, as it is a unique color. Your product is the only element users will pay attention to.

Remember to choose the best angle

The angle at which the picture is taken makes a big difference.

It is important to know the different angles and choose the most appropriate for your product.

Depending on the angle, your product may be devalued or the other way around. Therefore, choose the one that best suits your scenario.

In general, low angles enhance the photographed object, valuing it more.

It is also important to take the photo from different angles so that the consumer can get an overview of the product as close to the real as possible.

After all, as we said before, they cannot try it. Therefore, they should have the most complete presentation possible.

The product must be spotless

Stains, dirt, scratches, and signs of use are some of the things you should consider before taking a picture of your product.

It must be in perfect condition and clean to make a good impression and enhance it in the photo.

Use of tripods is very important

No one likes to see a blurry picture. This greatly interferes with the experience of users who want to see the product more clearly.

So it is worth the investment in a tripod for your camera. This way, your photos are much more stable and of a higher quality.

Take quality photos

The quality of the photo in terms of resolution is of utmost importance. To take the picture at the best resolution, you need a good camera.

It is a worthwhile investment and can bring good results to your e-commerce.

If you want even more quality, there are editing software like Lightroom where you can enhance your photos and make them look better.

Pay attention to image size

The dimensions of the image you use should be appropriate to the size required by your online store platform.

Publishing your photos on social networks is also important, so you need to know the optimal dimensions for the photo to fit the entire post and have the best quality.

Avoid using flash

Flash is one of the worst features for an e-commerce photo, because in addition to the object having a center of light that greatly impairs the quality of the image, it also generates the shadow of the object and can make the photo even worse.

Therefore, avoid using flash as much as possible. Even if the environment is dark, an HDR effect can help you.

Optimize your photos for search engines

Organic results from search engines like Google are responsible for a large portion of your online store traffic.

This is why it is important to apply SEO practices that can make your site in the best positions of organic results, increasing your recognition and your marketing authority.

Your photos can also be optimized for SEO, and it’s very important that you optimize them.

To do this, you must embed the alternate tag in every photo you post, so that the Google algorithm identifies your content and can rank it.

But what is alternative tag?

It’s like a description of the image, with keywords that best describe it, so that the user can find it in the search engines.

Now that you know how to take the best photos for e-commerce, apply the tips to your online store and see how it can improve your conversion rate.