Multichannel: What It Is and How To Use This Strategy In Your Business


Having a multichannel company is essential for businesses of all types and can bring many benefits.

There is no doubt that the market has changed a lot with the emergence of new technologies and the change in society itself, which reflected directly on consumer behavior .

New communication channels are emerging every moment, and consumers are diverse and present in more than one.

Each channel has its own characteristics and can be used to achieve different goals and objectives of your company.

Having a multi-channel presence is a requirement for successful companies in the marketplace.

If your business is not yet multichannel, it is important that you understand the concept and apply it to your business.

In this article, you’ll learn what multichannel is, how to have a multichannel company, and some tips for succeeding with your strategy.

What are multichannel?

Multi-channels are, as their name implies, various channels in which your business can be present and apply sales and communication strategies.

They can be used as selling points of your brand. Through channels, you can apply more complete and comprehensive strategies.

This is because your business will be present in multiple channels and therefore may reach more people with your communication.

You have probably heard of e-commerce , m-commerce or marketplaces. These are some of the alternatives you can use to give your business up-to-date sales channels and where consumers are present.

Multichannel Consumer: After all, what is it?

We’re talking a lot about how consumer behavior has changed in the marketplace and how it influences your business.

But, after all, what has changed?

Consumers are increasingly able to purchase new products and services.

They consume not only in physical stores, but also through their own cell phone and computer, and do so through many different channels, such as marketplaces and e-commerce, that we talked about before.

For the multichannel consumer , it is natural to use more than one platform in the purchasing process.

In practice, we often see this happening in physical stores, when consumers pick up their phones to compare prices online.

Benefits of having a multichannel company?

Reach, efficiency, and conversions are some of the benefits that having a multichannel business can bring.

By participating in more than one channel, you ensure your brand is present on the consumer buying journey . This can make it easier for consumers to make a purchase decision.

In addition, your business audience may be present on channels other than your business.

By analyzing which channels your audience is most present in and participating in, your company ensures more effective and far-reaching communication.

And of course, a multichannel strategy can increase your sales significantly by reaching more people in communication.

What’s more, it is easier to build customer loyalty when you are present on multiple channels because it has where to ask questions and has access to faster and more efficient media.

How to be a multichannel company?

It’s no use starting to join all channels at random. To know how to become a multichannel company , you need to do some planning and pay attention to some aspects.

The first factor you should consider is your persona . That is, what is the behavior of your ideal customer in the market ? What factors does he consider to buy? Which channels do you use most for this and how would you rather shop?

Keeping this clear in mind, you can choose the channels in which your company will participate.

Importantly, each channel has its own features and functionality, and people interact differently on each channel.

Therefore, you need to understand how each one works to create strategies specific to each one and have more efficiency and promising results with them.

Remember that having a multichannel company requires a lot of organization to act properly on each channel.

Now that you know what a multichannel strategy is and how to apply it to your business, put your knowledge into practice.

This can bring several benefits to your business and increase your conversions.