Bing Ads Change to Microsoft Advertising

The move to Microsoft Advertising reflects the channel expansion, Artificial Intelligence, data integration, and new products coming out next year.

The name Bing Ads came up in 2012, when it replaced adCenter, when Microsoft and Yahoo! announced a partnership to focus search technology on Bing.

There is widespread speculation around integration with LinkedIn Ads, as Microsoft acquired LinkedIn for $ 26 billion in 2016. However, nothing has yet been announced on the subject.

But expectations are high.

“Next year, we will be introducing more integrated artificial intelligence advertising products, more connected to your data and your business,” said Rik van der Kooi, VP of Microsoft Advertising.

The announcement came almost a year after the launch of Microsoft Audience Network (MSAN), a platform focused on specific audiences, among all Microsoft products, such as MSN, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Edge, among others.

What is Microsoft Advertising?

Microsoft Advertising is Microsoft’s ad platform that displays advertising on search engines such as Bing, Yahoo !, AOL, among other verticals.

According to Microsoft itself, it impacts users who do about 6 billion searches per month.

The billing model for Microsoft Advertising is pay per click (PPC), meaning the advertiser pays primarily for clicks received and not for ad delivery.

The purpose of Microsoft Advertising Ads is to be a people-centered platform, regardless of the device the person is using to connect.

This will impact the same person, even if they are on your desktop, mobile, or desktop.

Is it worth advertising on Microsoft Advertising?

Although Microsoft has more than a third of searches in the US market.

Conversion customers often invest in Microsoft Advertising to maintain coverage of their top search terms on Bing and Yahoo !.

Investing in advertising in Microsoft Advertising is often important for midsize and large businesses.