How To Create Your own Blog

You already know the so famous blogs . We see them all over the internet and some of them can have up to millions of hits.

Digital presence has become critical to any business. Today, it is almost unimaginable that any business does not have a website.

And not only that: with the explosion of new strategies in Digital Marketing as Content Marketing , for example, blogs have also started to be needed.

After all, which company does not want recognition and authority in the market?

Blogs are now used not only as diaries and personal records, but also as professional tools that really bring great results.

With that in mind, we decided to write this post where you will learn how to make your blog right now and simply.

And that’s not all!

We’ll give you some tips on how to create a successful blog .

  • How to create a blog simply
  • What is domain and how to create one for your blog
  • How to host your blog
  • How to create a blog step by step: learn quickly and easily

Creating a blog is easier than it sounds!

Many are still afraid to set up a blog and this prevents them from searching further on the topic.

However, there is no magic, if you follow these six steps, you will be able to start a blog quickly:

How to create a domain;

  • How to host your blog;
  • How to install the blog;
  • Starting the blog;
  • How to make an amazing design for your blog;
  • Content optimization for blog.
  • First, let’s talk a little bit about the Blog title and domain.
  • Let’s go to the steps then!
  • What is domain and how to create one for your blog

The domain is often confused with the blog’s URL or address . It actually only makes up the main part of the address.

In this case, our domain, for example, would be just It should relate to your brand or contain a keyword that has a high search volume.

That way, when a user searches for your domain keyword or brand, your site should appear right from the start (this ranking depends on a number of Google factors, but you can cooperate to make it happen).

Here are some tips for choosing your domain:

Check out some factors you should consider before creating a domain:

Use clear words that cannot be confused and meaningless. Duplicate or confusing words can hurt your blog search;

The domain should be related to the title and subject of your blog. If not, it will not be relevant to users who can expect other content on the page;

Choose a domain that has not been used by others. Check first if the domain you want already exists. To do this, you can go to the site and, in the search bar, check if it is available.

Domain Blog

For example, a sports company may use domain (if it is available), all about about sports . with .

How to buy the domain?

After thinking about a domain and making sure it isn’t in use, it’s time to buy it.

Remember that a domain that has “” in the end is different from one that only has “.com” and both can be registered.

For example, and are considered different domains and can therefore be registered.sports . com and are considered

You can buy your domain in Brazil through the site, besides it, there is another site called, where you buy domains with only “.com” at the end.register . com , where you buy domains with just “.com” at the end.

In addition to the sites I mentioned, there are several others you can use. However, before purchasing the domain , check the quality of the company you are selling and if it is reliable.

Buying a domain is also quite simple, check out the step by step below how to buy yours:

First, log in and enter the domain you would like to purchase in the search bar;

After that, if the domain is not in use, you can view the annual budget options, which are made according to the time you wish to have the domain;

Then enter some personal data from the domain administrator;

Agree to the terms of use and, shortly thereafter, choose the plan (which can be up to 10 years long) and enter the payment details.